Posthumous poems with Gokhan Altintas Photography and Elora Delapierre at Versailles

Here you are back, in my starry nights,
Beautiful angel with azure eyes, veiled lids,
Love, my supreme good, and which I had lost!
I believed, for three years, to overcome you and to curse you,
And you, with weeping eyes, with your sweet smile,
At the bedside, you are back.

Well two words from you made me king of the world
Put your hand on my heart, his wound is deep;
Widen it, beautiful angel, and let it be broken!
Never loved lover, dying on his mistress,
Has drunk celestial intoxication over darker eyes,
No one on a more beautiful forehead has ever kissed you!

Alfred de Musset, Posthumous poems. (1810-1857).

The beauty of a photograph is made up of three essential angles: the frame, the light and the sound. Posthumous poems . Work of Gokhan Altintas Photography with her Muse Elora Carmen Delapierre realized in her workshops of Versailles .

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