Gokhan Altintas and the mysterious woman of the forest of Versailles

Certainly she was not a woman and charming in vain,

But the earthly in her had a divine air.

Flames quivered on my bold lips;

She accepted love and all its fires,

Dreamed of familiarity, took the risk step by step,

Did not refuse and did not surrender;

His tender obedience was high and serene;

She knew how to become a slave and remain queen,

Supreme grace! and what could be more unexpected

Than to have given everything without having lost anything!

She was naked with sublime abandon

And, lying in a bed, seemed on a peak.

As the victorious love entered her,

One would have said that the sky was springing from her heart;

She caressed you with light;

The nakedness of the feet makes the walk more proud

In these beings steeped in ideal beauty;

There came to her in the shadows on her forehead a light

Like the nocturnal halo of the poles;

Through the kisses of her white shoulders

We thought we saw two wings slowly emerge;

His gaze was blue, the blue of a firmament;

And that was the greatness of this strange woman

That by ceasing to be a virgin she became an angel.

Victor Hugo

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