We will sleep together Gokhan Altintas Photography Marseille

Whether sunday or monday
Evening or morning midnight noon
In hell or heaven
The loves to the loves resemble
It was yesterday that I told you
We will sleep together.

It was yesterday and it’s tomorrow
I only have you way
I put my heart in your hands
With yours as it goes ambling
All he has human time
We will sleep together.

My love what was will be
The sky is over us like a sheet
I closed my arms around you
And so much I love you that I tremble
As long as you want
We will sleep together.

Collection: Elsa’s madman (1963), Louis Aragon (1897-1982)

The beauty of a photograph is made up of three essential angles: the frame, the brightness and the sound. We will sleep together. Work by Gokhan Altintas Photography with his Muse made in his workshops of Marseille.

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