The 2 muses Prelude and Fugue with Gokhan Altintas Photography, Iliana and Natalya in Versailles

The 2 muses

The classic muse

Quiet lover of immortal youth,
Who, on the Pindus, proclaimed your name,
Be devout to them: flee new roads,
No salvation outside my Helicon!
Show yourself more stingy with your incense:
Fear to summon a capricious god:
You would fly on the wings of Icarus …
Avoid the sun! do not approach the heavens!

The romantic muse

Burning with love, throbbing with harmony,
Young, letting your burning worms spurt out,
Free, fiery, ask your genius
New songs, independent.
Sacred fire if the sky is stingy,
Go there and delight him with a daring flight;
Fly, young man! … yes, remember Icarus;
He fell, but he saw the heavens!

Charles Dovalle. Collection: Poésies de feu (1830).

The beauty of a photograph is made up of three essential angles: the frame, the brightness and the sound. The 2 muses Prelude and Fugue. Work by Gokhan Altintas Photography realized at the Versailles Castle with his beautiful duo of muses Iliana Elena Potapova and Natalya Kushnir.

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