The garden of the philosopher with Océane Gonzalez and Gokhan Altintas Photography

Ah! by Héra, the beautiful place to stop there! This plane tree really covers as much space as it is tall. And this chaste tree, how tall and magnificently shady! In full bloom as it is, the place couldn’t be more fragrant! And again, the unparalleled charm of this spring flowing under the plane tree, the freshness of its water: all it takes is my foot to prove it! It is to Nymphs, it is to Achéloùs, if I judge by these figurines, by these statues of gods, that she is undoubtedly consecrated. And again, please, isn’t the good air we have here enviable and prodigiously pleasant? Claire summer melody, which echoes the chorus of cicadas! But the most exquisite refinement, it is this grass, with the natural softness of its slope which makes it possible, while extending there, to have the head perfectly at ease. I see it, a foreigner cannot have a better guide than you, my dear Phèdre!
Phèdre PLATON extract

The beauty of a photograph is made up of three essential angles: the frame, the brightness and the sound. The garden of the philosopher. Work of Gokhan Altintas Photography produced in his Parisian workshops.

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