I adore you equally Lucie Jan Martin with Gokhan Altintas Photography in Versailles

I adore you like the night vault,
O vase of sadness, O great taciturn,
And love you all the more, beautiful, that you run away from me,
And that you appear to me, ornament of my nights,
More ironically to accumulate leagues
Which separate my arms from the blue immensities.

I advance to the attack, and I climb to the assaults,
As after a corpse a choir of worms,
And I cherish, O relentless and cruel beast!
Until this coldness by which you are more beautiful to me!

Anthology: The flowers of evil. Victor Hugo

As the name suggests, photography consists above all in using light to record something. This supposes on the one hand that there is light to be recorded, and on the other hand that this light forms figures and an interesting image by its contrasts : contrasts of intensities between black and white, contrasts of colors, contrasts of textures, which by their arrangement reproduce the photographed subject. The art of the photographer consists above all in playing with this light, which sometimes involves organizing the lighting to better capture his subject. It is not enough that there is light to be able to take a good photograph, it must also be adapted to the subject that the photographer wants to capture.

Lucie Jan I love you equally.

Work by Gokhan Altintas Photography made with the beautiful Lucie Jan a winter day at Versailles.

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