Gokhan Altintas and Clémence Bourdelle I make an angel of heaven

Gokhan Altintas and Clémence Bourdelle on the roofs of Saint-Cloud on a beautiful sunny autumn day.

The grave says to the rose:

– Of the tears that the dawn showers on you

What are you doing, love flower?

The rose says to the grave:

– What do you do with what falls

In your open abyss always?

The rose says: – Dark tomb,

Of these cries I make in the shadow

A scent of amber and honey.

The grave says: – Plaintive flower,

From every soul that comes my way

I make an angel of heaven!

Victor Hugo. “The inner voices”.

Photography is all about using light to record something. This supposes on the one hand that there is light to be recorded, and on the other hand that this light forms figures and an interesting image by its contrasts : contrasts of intensities between black and white, contrasts of colors, contrasts of textures, which by their arrangement reproduce the photographed subject. The art of the photographer consists above all in playing with this light, which sometimes involves organizing the lighting to better capture his subject. It is not enough that there is light to be able to take a good photograph, it must also be adapted to the subject that the photographer wants to capture.

Work of Gokhan Altintas Photographymade with the sweet Clémence Bourdelle on a beautiful sunny day in Saint-Cloud.

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