Then, when my lip comes close to yours with Gokhan Altintas and Elora Delapierre

When your collar is pink
Give itself to my embrace
And your eye slowly languishes
With a half-closed eyelid,

My soul melts with desire
Of which she is ardently full
And can hardly suffer
The strength of such great pleasure.

Then when comes yours
My lip, and that so close I am
May the flower collect I can
Of your ambrosian breath,

When the sigh of these smells
Where our two languages are playing
Slightly frolic and tie,
Vent my sweet ardor,

I seem to be sitting at the table
With the gods, so happy I am,
And drink in long, tasty drafts
Their delectable sweet beverage.

If the good which the greater good
Is more next, take it or leave me,
Why do you allow me, mistress,
May the greatest still be mine?

Are you afraid that enjoyment
God bless me with such a great happiness?
And that without you I fly instead
Eternal rejoicing?

Beautiful, don’t be afraid of it,
Wherever your home will be,
My sky, until I die
And my paradise will be there.

Joachim du Bellay .

The beauty of a photograph is made up of three essential angles: the frame, the brightness and the sound. Then when My lip approaches yours. Work of Gokhan Altintas Photography with his Muse Elora Delapierre performed in his studios in Versailles.

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