Goddess, you put me among the other gods with Gokhan Altintas Photography in Versailles

By the violent flash of your divine face,
Being only a mortal man, your heavenly beauty
Made me taste death, death and ruin
To again come to immortality.

Your divine fire burned my mortal essence,
Your heavenly captivates me and delights me in Heaven,
Your soul was divine and mine was such:
Goddess, you put me among the other gods.

My mouth dared to touch the crimson mouth
To gather, without death, immortal beauty,
I lived on nectar, I sucked ambrosia,
Savoring the sweetest of divinity.

In the eyes of the jealous Gods, filled with frenzy,
I have smoking altars like other gods,
And for me, secret God, blushes jealousy
When my unknown star disguised the Heavens.

Even a counterfeit God, refused by mouth,
Avenge his impotent wrath with hammers,
As I plucked the kiss and lay it down
And the fifth fruit of the sweetest nectar.

These envious blinded humans make war on me,
Raising the ladder against the sky, they climbed,
But from my paradise I despise their land
And the sky is nothing to me at the cost of your beauty.

Théodore Agrippa d’Aubigné (1552-1630). Stances.

The beauty of a photograph is made up of three essential angles: the frame, the light and the sound. Goddess, you put me among the other gods . Work of Gokhan Altintas Photography with her muse Alexia Merlet realized in her workshops of Versailles .

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