Gokhan Altintas Photography - Sofiane Kasdar Marion Follin and Brahim Zaibat at the 20th anniversary of the Partouche Casino in Salies-de-Béarn
Gokhan Altintas Photography - Sofiane Kasdar Marion Follin and Brahim Zaibat at the 20th anniversary of the Partouche Casino in Salies-de-Béarn

Sofiane Kasdar Marion Follin and Brahim Zaibat at the 20th anniversary of the Partouche Casino in Salies-de-Béarn

Gokhan Altintas Photography

Gokhan Altintas Photography - Sofiane Kasdar Marion Follin and Brahim Zaibat at the 20th anniversary of the Partouche Casino in Salies-de-Béarn
Gokhan Altintas Photography – Sofiane Kasdar Marion Follin and Brahim Zaibat at the 20th anniversary of the Partouche Casino in Salies-de-Béarn

Casino Partouche Of Salies-de-Béarn

History :

L’Hôtel du Parc was built in 1893 by the architect Pierre Saint-Guily, for the benefit of Gabriel Graner, in the heart of the spa town of Salies-de-Béarn in the Pyrénées Atlantiques. This building is listed as national monument since 1995. In 1978, it was bought by the municipality of Salies-de-Béarn which made it its casino in 1999. The casino of Salies-de-Béarn is linked to the French gaming leisure group Partouche. The manager of the Salies-de-Béarn casino establishment is Marion Follin.

Casino Partouche Salies-de-Béarn

The Casino is made up of 61 slot machines, its English roulette table and its blackjack table, a three-star hotel, a traditional restaurant, 2 seminar rooms and 1 performance hall. The Casino Partouche of Salies-de-Béarn is an ideal location for corporate parties and all types of events.

The Casino Hôtel du Parc de Salies is located between the Basque coast, Béarn and Landes.

The casino welcomes you in the heart of the spa town of Salies-de-Béarn. Under the Atrium of this former Belle-Epoque palace, the casino reveals a large gaming area: 61 slot machines, its English roulette table and its blackjack table, a *** hotel, a traditional restaurant, 2 seminar rooms and 1 performance / seminar room.

History of slot machines: a growing evolution :

The first slot machine was invented by Charles August Fey, a German expatriate living in the United States at the end of the 19th century. He began by building the Horseshoe, a disc machine, and the “4/11/44”, a machine offering a hundred possibilities, ancestor of the first three-reel “One-armed Bandit” which he then built in 1887. A machine mechanical which had five symbols (a horseshoe, a diamond, a spade, a heart and a bell). Then comes the Card Bell, then its big sister the Liberty Bell, which offers a thousand possibilities and which was very successful in the region until 1920, during prohibition in the USA. The Liberty model lasted until the sixties before the arrival of electromechanical and video slot machines in the eighties. In particular, the player’s recuperator was included.

Today, slot machines have become true jewels of technology. In France, they were allowed in casinos only in 1986. Note that the record of winnings on a slot machine in France dates from March 2011, a player having cashed more than 9 million euros!

There are hundreds of different machines. You can walk around the games room and choose a machine whose design or animations appeal to you more. There are machines, with three or five reels for example, which offer you a large number of possible combinations. If you are an animation fan, there are also plenty of themed machines. Or, if you are a poker player, you may prefer Video Poker machines.

In terms of winnings, slot machines all promise an interesting jackpot, often mentioned at the top of the machine. The biggest jackpots are found on progressive slots. No other casino game allows you to win so much, so easily and quickly. The interest lies in the jackpots, you do not sit in front of a slot machine just to be content to double your initial bet.

The slots are ideal for playing alone, but it is also possible to play several for more fun (only one seat and one choice per machine, however). Your friends can settle down and share your emotions. And it is possible to change the machine every minute if you wish! In short, impossible to get tired of slot machines.

If slot machines are dependent on complete chance and do not require any particular strategy, it is in any case recommended to choose your machine in proportion to the budget available. Wagering small but having a large number of playable credits guarantees that you will play longer, which is true for all games, but particularly for one-armed bandits. Otherwise, when it comes time to choose the number of paylines you are going to play, it is advisable to choose the maximum number.

Electronic English Roulette:

Electronic Roulette is an English Roulette played without a dealer, where the ball is launched by a machine. A variant that is hugely successful in France, because it offers a simplified gaming experience with just as much fun! In addition, more players can sit around and participate in Electronic Roulette.

History: an immediate success

Electronic Roulette has been offered in French casinos since 2013. Its success is such that all the major gaming establishments are now equipped with it in France. The most recent casinos today offer real Electronic Roulette rooms, with a large number of gaming stations.

Like Electronic Black-Jack, Electronic English Roulette is intended for those who prefer the comfort of an armchair to the hubbub of a gaming table. In addition, the number of players is greater in Electronic Roulette, unlike the Traditional English Roulette, so you will more easily find a place (an electronic gaming station) to take part in the game.

Here again, Electronic Roulette allows beginners to learn about the pleasures of Roulette before moving on to traditional English Roulette, especially since the minimum bet amount is lower. Electronic English Roulette is offered by 36 Partouche casinos.

Electronic Black-Jack:

Following in the footsteps of English Roulette, Black-Jack has gone electronic in recent years, and Electronic Black-Jack tables are multiplying at high speed in France. The principle is the same as in Black-Jack: try to beat the bank without exceeding a total of 21 with your cards.

Trial gallop

Electronic Black-Jack is for players who prefer to sit quietly in front of their individual screen rather than having to share a gaming table with their peers. In addition, no need to interact with a dealer, all player orders are transmitted electronically. Like all electronic games compared to their alter ego at the gaming table, Electronic Black-Jack makes it easier to visualize all the solutions available after each player’s action.

Before sitting down to the table

An ideal launching pad for beginner players, who can thus tame the game before settling down at a real Black-Jack table. In addition, it is possible to play for less than on a traditional Black-Jack table, and at any time during the casino’s opening hours: with Electronic Black-Jack, no need to wait for the launch of traditional games to play.

English roulette:

English Roulette is defined as a derivative of French Roulette, the rules being identical. The only notable difference concerns the tokens allocated to players and the number of authorized players. You will therefore find the same sensations in the English version!

Roulette specialists

English Roulette is identical to French Roulette, with two exceptions:

  • You cannot bet with casino chips. Each player is indeed assigned specific tokens, characterized by a unique color.
  • A maximum of seven players is allowed at the table.

English Roulette is therefore intended mainly for big roulette players, who wish to stay at the table for a long time and place many bets themselves before each ball toss. Thus, it is easier for them to visualize the distribution of their different bets, as well as their value, since each player assigns a unique value to the set of chips he has. A very useful simplification for setting up strategies without making mistakes.

The Black-Jack:

Often, when a player enters a casino for the first time, they try two games: Roulette and … Black-Jack. World famous and popular, Black-Jack is indeed the great classic of table games in casinos. Easy to play, it is popular with everyone!

History: Old as the world

Literally meaning “Black Jack”, Black-Jack would have been born around 1700 in French casinos under the name “21”. Its spread took place in the 1900s in North America thanks to French settlers, with slightly different rules. In 1931, during the legalization of gambling in the USA, the casinos of Vegas then began an operation to seduce the players, by giving a bonus of 10 to 1 for a hand of 21 points including the Jack of Spades and an Ace. Since then, Black-Jack, whose name is inspired by that time, has continued to develop, and is an essential game for any self-respecting casino. Appearing in numerous films, he has often made headlines for card counting affairs by famous players but that is no longer possible today. Enough to further increase the legend of Black-Jack …

Do like the pros:

Black-Jack is a very easy game to learn, since the players have only one goal: to get as close as possible to the number 21. To play, you just need to have some basic math skills, which makes it easier to play. makes it accessible to as many people as possible. It is suitable for all types of players. And the Black-Jack has a great strategic aspect as long as one is seriously interested in it. Most of the time, players simply double their bet if they beat the dealer. But the game can be very exciting, especially when the player has the opportunity to double down. You can play Black-Jack in all Partouche casinos.

Strategy: a real advantage

Black-Jack is a game where strategy is omnipresent. It is thus very easy to calculate your expectation of gain, and the basic strategies make it possible to limit the advantage of the bank. They are summarized below:

  • Always draw a card with a total of cards equal to or less than 11.
  • If you have a total of 10 or 11, double if the bank’s total is lower.
  • In any case, you must not draw any more cards if you are at 18.

To follow the Casino Partouche de Salies-de-Béarn and all their future events, click on the following links :

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Person – Sofiane Kasdar

Today, many self-taught people go through the personal path of learning rather than the long journey of school. A demanding trail, but much more rewarding at the end of the road, many do not have the courage, the patience or the will to stick to it until the end. However, today we are going to talk about one of those fighter, who knew how to stand a single and difficult apprenticeship.

A very ambitious goal

At only 17 years old, Sofiane Kasdar decided to quit the school where he played high-level sports football with only the technological baccalaureate diploma STT (Tertiary Sciences and Technologies) in his pocket. It was then the start of a great adventure. Determined to come out with dignity, he studies on his own, aiming very high: his goal is to join the French national company Orange, a telecommunications operator and bank. He completed a BTS MUC (Management of Commercial Units) in work-study program in 2006 and successfully completed all his internships at Orange. At the end of her BTS, Sofiane Kasdar is accepted as a salesperson in the Orange store in Dunkirk.

Portrait of Sofiane Kasdar, Maketing Director of Casino Partouche in Salies-de-Béarn by Gokhan Altintas Photography
Store manager at Orange

Demonstrating remarkable abilities, he quickly climbed the ranks and his superiors decided to trust him. This is why a few months later, Sofiane Kasdar took on the post of sales representative and represented the company honorably in the Lille (Haut-de-France) sector. A year later, he was officially hired as a store manager in Aubagne (in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur region). It’s a real achievement. Congratulated for her exemplary work, Sofiane Kasdar works over time in very diverse French sectors: Marseille, Plerin, Rennes and Tarnos.

Encouraged by her family, Sofiane Kasdar as well as her brothers and sisters (one brother and two sisters) are doing admirably: radio physicist, lawyer as well as a commercial engineer at La Défense.

It was in 2019 that he decided to leave his position as store manager at Orange in order to complete a Bachelor in digital marketing work-study at the Casino Partouche in Salies-de-Béarn.

On December 10, 2019, he created his first Partouche event during the 20 years of the Casino de Salies-de-Béarn, when more than forty celebrities and sportsmen specializing in martial arts were appropriate. Responsible for the IT department within the casino, he quickly succeeds in contacting each guest (Daniel Allouche, Brahim Zaibat, Khalid El Quandili, Kamel Chouareff, Nordine Oubaali and many others).

Person – Marion Follin

Portrait of Marion Follin, director of Casino Partouche in Salies-de-Béarn by Gokhan Altintas Photography

Person – Brahim Zaibat

Brahim Zaibat is a French breakdance dancer and choreographer born September 6, 1986 in Lyon. He discovered break dancing at the age of 10 thanks to friends. Brahim Zaibat first enters a hip-hop group called Baby Boom Crew.

Madonna et Brahim Zaibat : Le couple de Star qui fait rêver le monde !
Madonna and Brahim Zaibat: The Star couple who make the world dream!

In 2001, Brahim Zaibat was part of the group Pockemon Crew. He won his first title of world champion in 2003, at Battle of the Year. In 2004, he won two European Championship titles, one in 8v8 and the other in duet. And in 2005, he joined as a dancer the show and tour of Star Academy choreographed by Kamel Ouali and also wins in duet with the danseur Lilou, the Freestyle Session at Séoul. In 2006, he won the English BBOY Championship with his crew. A year later, he won, always with his crew, the world championship KB BBOY. He left the Pockemon Crew in 2008 to dance alongside the Germans of Flying Step during Game convection. In 2008, Brahim Zaibat works with Yann Abidi. In 2010, he won his last title of world champion in Japon. Over the years, Brahim Zaibat also became a choreographer.

In 2012, he danced alongside Madonna at the half-time show Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. The event is watched by 114 million viewers, 3 million more than the Super Bowl as a whole, setting a record. That year he also participated in the world tour The MDNA Tour of the singer. In 2013, he became the artistic consultant for the musical Robin des Bois.

Brahim Zaibat - Danseur et Chorégraphe.
Brahim Zaibat – Dancer and Choreographer.

In the fall of 2013, he appeared in the show’s fourth season Danse avec les stars on TF1, alongside the dancer Katrina Patchett, and finished second in the competition.

From January 2014, he began the dance tour with the stars in France. He announces on January 31, 2014 the launch of his show Rock it All, produced by Claude Cyndecki ofon tour from the end of October 2014 to the beginning of December 2014. His show was a success, with a very positive echo with the public and the press. The tour will have 23 performances in France and Belgium, including three shows at the Cheyenne Productions, on tour from the end of October 2014 to the beginning of December 2014. His show was a success, with a very positive echo with the public and the press. The tour will have 23 performances in France and Belgium, including three shows at the Casino de Paris full posting. This show is notably nominated for the Price of the Création musicale 2015 in the category “Original creation for a show“. On December 12, 2015, on the eve of the second round of the regional elections where the Front National had won the first round, he published a selfie taken two years earlier with Jean-Marie Le Pen, without his consent, then asleep in a plane on a flight between Nice and Paris. The tweet carries the caption “KO’d them tomorrow by all going to vote.” To preserve our fraternal France !!! “. He will be condemned. On July 10, 2017, the Court of Appeal confirmed the conviction and increased the provisional damages to 3,000 euros that Brahim Zaibat will have to pay Jean-Marie Le Pen, for invasion of privacy and image rights.

Private life :

Brahim has been in a relationship with Madonna. They met when Madonna asked her to dance to promote her Material Girl clothing line presented at Macy’s in New York in September 2010. The couple broke up in December 2013.

Movies and commercials:

2019 : ” Let’s dance ” of Ladislas Chollat.

Follow him on :

Press : Brahim Zaibat
Instagram : @brahimzaibat
Facebook : @bZaibat

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